The UX Research Toolkit

Aadil Khan
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The UXR Toolkit is designed to help an individual plan and execute research activities in their organization. For those newer to UXR, it can help you organize your research efforts to align with professional practices. This template can be used right away in a professional organization.

Purchase includes a comprehensive notion template + assisting Figma file with tons of guides and templates to plan, facilitate, and report on UX research.

The following is included:

💡 Discovery phase

  • Get guidelines and instructions on how to host discovery sessions with your team to understand their research goals
  • Create a formalized research proposal through the use of an in-depth proposal form with sections to help you define strong research goals

👩‍🔬 Research phase

  • Get an overview of how to generally conduct and synthesize research
  • Get in-depth insights on how to run common research activities + their requirements. This includes general overviews, strategies to design for these activities, question banks, and more.
    • Moderated usability testing
      • Test Layout included
    • Unmoderated usability testing
      • Test Layout included
    • Card sorting
      • Figma components included for running your own card sort
    • Tree Testing
      • Figma components included for running your own tree tests
    • A/B Testing
      • Covers traditional vs alternative methods
    • User Interviews
      • Question bank included
    • Surveys
      • Question bank Included

🎁 Presentation phase

  • Get access to a research report that you can use with your team or your own case studies.

Also included is a table to organize research activities with various statuses that you can configure which is synced to a calendar so you can visualize to your team what you have going on and when they can expect insights. 🙌

This document is live and will be updated frequently based on user feedback. The next update will include workshop activity templates ✨

Who Am I?

I'm a UX researcher and mentor who's had the pleasure on working on a variety of product teams. Currently, I'm a design researcher at IBM but prior to that I was at the Bank of Montreal and

You can view my portfolio here

You can view my ux blog here

Why did I make this?

I put together this document based on lessons learned working as a researcher on product teams as well as from conversations I have talking with other designers and researchers and mentees trying to better organize research efforts with their teams. My hope is that this guide can give researchers the confidence they need to get started and act as a reference they can come back to.

I want this!

A comprehensive system to plan, launch, and share research at your organization.

Guidelines for conducting research
A template to host discovery calls
A research proposal template
Guidelines for how to run various common testing methods (usability testing, card sorting, A/B testing and more)
Note taking template
Debrief activity template
Research Report template
Calendar to visualize on-going research activities


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The UX Research Toolkit

2 ratings
I want this!